Sustainable Ag Supply Chains and IPM with Justin Krick, Kate Schaffner, and Ben Wickerham


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Sustainable farming systems are critical for all of us, from producers to consumers. It’s therefore important for the full supply chain–from food companies and ingredient suppliers, to farm service providers, to CCAs, and farmers–to support sustainable agriculture practices, many of which can have a beneficial impact on pest management. This episode, we dive into the partnerships and work being done towards these goals between The Nature Conservancy, Star of the West Milling Company, the Kellogg Company, and producers in Michigan’s Saginaw Bay region.

Tune in to learn:

  • The differences between Pay for Practice and Pay for Performance conservation programs in US agriculture
  • Why flexibility is so crucial for farmers’ success in adopting new practices
  • How conservation agriculture practices can benefit integrated pest management
  • How partnerships across the supply chain can support sustainability

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The Kellogg Company is committed to supporting one million farmers and workers globally by the end of 2030 with programs focused on climate, social and financial resiliency. The Kellogg’s Origins™ program provides farmers with training, funds, and technical assistance to adopt conservation and regenerative agriculture practices. To strengthen these programs across North America, Kellogg is investing in science-based integrated pest management (IPM) training for the agronomy professionals farmers turn to for practical guidance. Visit or to learn more.

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