Ep: 26 The Mardi Gras Unmasking, multiple partner, her secret fantasy fulfilled, a bonus episode


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Ep: 26 The Mardi Gras Unmasking, a multiple-partner story, her secret fantasy fulfilled. Welcome to my book launch! This podcast episode is a bonus episode to celebrate the launch of my erotica novella The Mardi Gras Unsmasking, a loving couple Dom/sub story where Dane fills his wife Kara's secret lusty desires as a surprise for her. The story is a multiple-partner saga where heights of passion and pleasure are the focus. This is an excerpt reading of my novella, which is available in full on Amazon starting today, April 22, 2021. I hope you enjoy my reading of this sexy story! I don't want to give too many spoilers so I will leave it at this and you can look forward to me producing this as an audiobook as well.
Below is the link for the book and a link to all things Ruan Willow...my link tree that contains all my links to all my social media, my website, books, and also a few of the books I will be narrating.
Thanks so much for listening and I'm excited that you are here listening! This will also appear on my website as a printed excerpt if you'd like to read it in addition to listening to me narrate it.
This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental.
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Hey Y'all!
Thanks for listening to this adults only podcast episode! I'm so very very very very very glad you are here! Have a listen to this podcast and give your sexuality a ride! Sexual health is important! Pay attention to yours and whether you have a partner or not, you can still be sexually healthy by providing yourself with personal intimacy and self-care. That's a nice proper way to say masturbate, laugh out loud!!! Romance your own libido, read this, and have fun!
P.S. I enjoy providing you with a fictional reading leading to sexual entertainment. I hope you get off. Really, I do!
Have a sexy day!

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