THE SLY SHOW S17E20 w/ JD RIVERA — Jan 6th, Being Arrested, Raided by Feds, Border Crisis, Supporting Trump, Race War in America, The Term”Woke,” Pandemic, Cancel Culture, BLM/Antifa, Trump Hated by The Mainstream Media,Religion, JD cancelling Sports, Lil


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– Jan 6th – Capitol Breach – Border Crisis -Voting for Trump – JD being arrested – Going to Court -Conservatism – Race War in America – The Term “woke” -Pandemic -Vaccines -Political Correctness -Cancel Culture -Latino's Supporting Trump -God -California Conservatives -Law Enforcement -25th Amendment -Why The Media Hated Trump -Trump being Anti-Establishment -Liberals Responsible for Pandemic -Mainstream Media – Getting Cancelled due to Political Views -Conservatives Smoking Weed -Hyprocrisy of the Pandemic -Religion – Lil NAS X – Warnock's Easter Tweet -JD not fucking with sports + much more

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