Episode 002 - Outrage Outrage! Are Conservatives Being Canceled?


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What a FUPing mess. Did a biologist get canceled for claiming that there are "only two biological sexes?" Was a scientific conference unfairly maligned for heresy? In this episode, we discuss the evidence for whether academia and the sciences are hostile to political conservatives and that the scientific consensus in several disciplines are being guided by political dogma. For more information about the claims we discuss, check out Lee Jussim's blogpost here: https://psychrabble.medium.com/the-threat-to-academic-freedom-from-academics-4685b1705794 Email us at FUPpod@gmail.com Facebook Discussion Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/341683697248941 Twitter: What The FUP? Podcast (@FuPpod) / Twitter

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