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Today was like being a kid in a candy store as I had an absolute blast learning from Al Vermeil. Coach Vermeil is most famous for his work as the strength & conditioning coach during the Chicago Bull's dynasty run and his time with the NFL Championship 49ers. However, it's important to mention he has spent time with almost every level including high school. His breadth and depth of knowledge is staggering. Certainly, his expertise is a testament to his dedication to being a lifelong learner. We discussed his personal story and luck to get into strength training at such an early age. He shared the importance of humbling yourself to learn from the greats in the field. He specifically reflected on the importance of Charlie Francis in his development. We dove deep into his preference of training without gadgets whenever possible. We compared workloads of the past and today. Al then shares his thoughts about unilateral vs. bilateral lifts. Coach Vermeil shared his test battery for evaluating athletes. After discussing testing Al explains the key principles of his pyramid of performance. With such a long career in the field, I got Al to share how he created a cadre of trusted friends and advisers. Finally, we conclude with sage advice from Coach Vermeil about how to take care of yourself and the others you have the privilege to work with daily.

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