#10095 Ask a Priest - Fr. Sebastian Walshe


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Questions Covered: 05:20 – What is the difference between the orthodox and Catholic churches? 12:05 – My daughter is in a same-sex relationship. If she decides to get married, could I attend that ceremony? 17:00 – I heard that in Mexico, women can get married to Christ, as an alternative to becoming a nun. Is that a real option and what is the reason for it? 20:16 – My brother told me to wait to have a baptism for a baby past 14 days of their life is a mortal sin. Is that true? If not, how can I respond to him? 29:00 – Why are priests so easy on people in the United States? It’s not very traditional or orthodox, when in Mexico, it’s much more intense. 35:05 – How did sacramentalism develop? Is it possible that it developed as a reaction to Gnosticism? 44:50 – My husband and I want to do our kid’s faith formation at home, rather than sending them to classes. Is that possible to do? 49:14 – Is it okay in the Church’s eyes to get a prenuptial contract before getting married? 52:30 – How much money do priests make in a year? …

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