S04 : Ep. 4 : Agriculture & Farming in the 21st Century with Rory Aronson


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Food. Agriculture. Farming. Words that are vital for a sustainable future and the survival of all living things. Rory Aronson (Social entrepreneur and Founder of FarmBot Inc.) and I unravel the details involved with Agriculture & Farming in the 21st century. Rory humbly shares his vast knowledge combining a unique experience in engineering, design and entrepreneurship in agriculture and tackles detailed responses to questions such as - What does 'agriculture & farming' look like 50 years ago and how does it look now in the 21st century in comparison? What are the key skills and attributes required to succeed - especially if someone is planning on entering the industry from school, tertiary? What are the technologies involved and how does drones, IoT, BigData, Smart Devices etc. play a crucial role in this sector? Is '21st education' aligned and suitable to facilitate a future in the modern-day agriculture and farming? Rory then concludes with timely advice for students as well as teachers and schools on how to pivot towards the future of this amazing industry within the 21st century. Tune into this episode and learn all the details required to succeed within agriculture and farming in the 21st century.

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