AI is not the genie in your data bottle – Slater Victoroff – Ep159


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When you talk to any business today and ask them about their top strategic IT goals using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help the business be “better” is often right at the top. It is not a surprise, is it? But not all in the AI garden is necessarily rosy, there are still many, including some high-profile, incidents of major AI/ML projects going bad, with millions of $’s spent for little or no return. Why is that? What does it mean for AI in the enterprise now and in the future? That is what we explore on this week’s podcast as I am joined by Slater Victoroff CTO at indico. He shares thoughts on the current state of intelligence in the enterprise, sharing thoughts on how to avoid project failure, the importance of quality data, how to avoid the data “charlatan” as well as providing some top tips on getting your AI investment right. Join us as we chat about. • AI is not the answer to everything, but it is great at some things. • AI adoption is immature. • Not an android more a bionic arm. • The embarrassing failures. • Get the basics right. • You cannot solve problems you cannot scope. • Clever Hans. • Tips to getting your AI investment right. • Avoid data charlatans. • What do indico do? • Empowering the right people with the right tools. Data analytics, intelligence and machine learning are a core part of most businesses short, medium and long term plans and used right it is a powerful technology that can deliver huge value. However, doing it right takes thought, planning, time and effort. Hopefully, Slater has provided you with some great tips. If you have an idea for a show or would like to appear as a guest, then please email me at and to catch the next episode then please subscribe. Until next time thanks for listening. Full show notes are here

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