Ep 32 - Community Questions, Fan Translations, Virtual Boy Emulation 2D or 3D?


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RetroLogic - Episode 32

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Icebreaker - what did you buy? And what did you play?

John Bought/Played: Wario Ware GC, Pac-Man vs. / Pac-Man World 2 GC, Pokemon Gold GBC, and Subnautica 1 and 2 Switch

Dan Bought/Played:

played: Demon’s Crest, VICE: Project Doom

The price is RETRO

Flightsy’s digital list

Dan’s list

John’s list

Community Content

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Question of the week


Here’s a question. What’s everyone’s thoughts on replacing a cartridge’s game label? If a game is legit, and runs well, but the label was written on or torn is it okay to replace it? When is or isn’t it okay? If I’m keeping the game for my collection I realize it’s fine, but what if I decide to sell it later? I’ve passed on a couple games at my local for bad game labels but have picked up a few gb/GBC/gba games lately online that have worn or faded labels. I was able to get a better deal due to this. So far the games all work well so I’ve thought about getting replacement labels.

Eric Plunk

Personally I can’t live with having an unoriginal label but that’s just my preference. I think it’s fine to do as long as you mention that it’s a repro label when selling.

ElPeeDee (Liam D)

my main concern has been, if I ever sell, not knowing which I replaced. I'd be open to a replacement if the label was illegible though


All boils down to personal preference! I like the original stuff myself, and I'm willing to pay more for it if necessary. But do what you're comfortable with for your own collection!


Here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. What is everyone’s stance on playing fan emulated/translated versions of games that haven’t been localized or made readily available officially? I don’t normally like to play anything aside from 100% legit and official, but there are some games cough Mother 3 cough that I’d really love to play. I feel morally weird about it.


Mega Man or Mega Man X, and why Mega Man?


Name a game that needed an Easy Mode. Name a game that needed a Hard Mode.


Whose your video game waifu :p

Dan -

If we saw a reincarnation of the Virtual Boy. What form would you prefer? Mini console? NSO games? Some other 3rd thing?

Third Strongest Mole (Sam)

hmmm I generally would say that a mini console is unnecessary, but I think to re-release virtual boy you need something capable of 3D visuals. The best case scenario would be to put them on 3DS but I think that ship has sailed. Otherwise, a mini system or switch release with some sort of peripheral (hey, we did labo vr after all).

They could release the virtual boy games on NSO and offer a 3D-viewer the same way they sold replica controllers, or just sell a collection on a cart that comes with one.


LABO VR "Virtual Console".

Can even be enhanced with real color instead of being monochrome red.


I think labo is the only real answer... is anyone interested in playing a non VR version of a Game that’s biggest hook is VR? I guess for posterities sake maybe.

Third Strongest Mole

Random question for Dan since I know you like advance wars: Have you ever played days of ruin, the last advance wars game? I never picked it up because I was upset they scrapped the game's existing style and characters, and I sort of blame it for the series falling by the wayside. Am I being unfair to this otherwise good (so I've heard) game?

Eric Plunk

If you could choose one system to collect the entire library of and money were no object which one would it be and why?

Throwback Thursday


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