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I recorded this on Sunday, May 16th, 2021. Enrollment to the waitlist for the next cohort of the Non-Diet Mentorship Program is officially closed. I'm so excited because we have folks joining us from all professional background:


Health Coach

Social Worker


Registered Nurse

Fitness Professional

The Non-Diet Approach is for All Health Profession

The Non-Diet Approach is for all health professions for one simple reason: Diet Culture is present everywhere and in everyone.

We as humans socialize in diet culture with our personal life while we practice health professions entrenched in diet culture.

In some way, we are twice as much impacted by diet culture as our clients and patients. We got it as individuals and then went to school to learn a profession based on diet culture thriving.

What you'll learn listening to this episode:
  • Health professionals are indoctrinated in diet culture twice as much as a regular individual
  • What is weight stigma?
  • How weight stigma shows up in all health profession
  • What does the non-diet approach look like in various health profession
  • Therapist, social worker, nursing, medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, yoga teacher, personal training, nutritionist, dietician, health coach, etc.
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