#175:"I Couldn't Believe My Time When I Looked At My Watch" with Trey St. John


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Joining us in this episode is Trey St. John whom I have been working with for a couple of months. Trey recently joined a triathlon and couldn't believe that he clocked in a sub-24 minute time. Join us as Trey talks about what he thinks contributed to this significant change.

00:47 Swimming Background 1:55 I Needed To Start Swimming 3:19 Watching Feedback Friday Videos 5:38 Fitness Is There But No Technique 6:03 I Really Wanted To Qualify 8:44 I Started Seeing Improvements 12:07 Using A Different Pair Goggles Right Before The Race 14:47 Consistency. Strength Work. Coaching 18:30 Using Bands 22:08 Providing Stroke Analysis Online 25:02 Awareness In The Water 25:22 Small Changes Can Make A Huge Impact 26:50 Preparing For Open Water Swimming 28:49 Open Water Sighting

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