S04 : Ep. 5 : 21st Century Engineering & Technologies Integration with Govinda Pandey


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Engineering - the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, structures and much more. In this technical episode featuring Gonvida Pandey (CEO of Rockfield and Co-founder of LiXiA), we took a deep dive into a discussion to understand what 21st century engineering now involves alongside the heavy technologies’ integration. Govinda, from his extensive engineering experience and leadership in innovation, humbly details expert responses to questions such as - What did Engineering entail 50 years ago and how has it evolved into the 21st century in comparison? How does this technical industry fall within advanced manufacturing? What are the technologies – such as drones, sensors, IoT, BigData - and how do they play a role within engineering? Following the impeccable amount of detail for the above, Govinda goes on to share his advice for the future engineers (students/graduates) as well as what 21st century educators now need to take on to align with the requirements of 21st century engineering. This episode carefully unpacks exactly what key skills & attributes are required in engineering for the modern world. Tune into this episode and learn all the technical nuggets of gold shared within this exciting industry.

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