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Despite ongoing debate, Capital Punishment also known as the Death Penalty, is still practiced in 27 states in the United States. The act of giving last meals to those on death row has always been a particularly complicated fascination. Why do we choose to do something so humane for incarcerated folks in their last moments? What is that food tied to? In the first half of the show we’re joined by Henry Hargreaves, a professional photographer from New Zealand whose series, “No Seconds” explores the Last Meal tradition for people on death row.

Then, we talk to writer Maurice Chammah who studies and examines capital punishment as a journalist for The Marshall Project and authored a book about the subject. We’ll also hear from listeners who have called in to share their thoughts about last meals.

Executive Producers: Cristina Gonzalez, Jackie Garofano, Adell Coleman

Senior Producer: Ryan Woodhall

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