Purposeful Life Hacks with Demir Bentley - Episode 210


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It’s time to make life a bit lighter and easier. Wondering how? In this episode, Demir Bentley demystifies the concept of lifehacks and he and host Ian Lobas provide immediately actionable steps to do less and be a better person, father, husband or friend.

Demir Bentley is a lifehacking expert. Known as “the productivity guy”, he helps those who, like him, have secretly struggled with productivity and getting organized. He's the head coach at Life Hack Method where he's helped over 50,000 professionals get it together and create more freedom in their lives. His clients have added millions in revenue, and most importantly, they are saving thousands of hours by implementing what they learn from his coaching. He has personally coached executives from Facebook, Google, Uber and PepsiCo and his work has been featured in Forbes Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and tons of other media outlets.

By the end of this episode, you’ll be able to identify things you can fix in five minutes and you’ll learn how to be laser-focused on the things that matter the most. These are the first steps for anyone who wants a bigger life in every way that requires less to make it happen.

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In this episode you will learn about:

5:30 - What is ephemeralization?

7:57 - Creating the infrastructure of your life

8:50 - A helpful definition of leverage

9:05 - The real definition of lifehacking

15:51 - The benefit of “advanced laziness”

16:14 - How language interrupts personal performance

17:25 - The two paradigms of personal development

19:50 - What is intentional surrender?

20:31 - How to use intention and energy to build infrastructure

30:00 - Salaryman Sudden Death Syndrome

36:16 - Being vs Doing

37:00 - The longcut vs the shortcut

39:27 - The dangers and benefits of The Doer

42:59 - How to proactively make use of simple recommendations

47:56 - Why it may take time for fathers to connect with their children

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