#31 - Paul Millerd: From Big Consulting to the Boundless Path


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Joining me this week is Paul Millerd. Paul writes a weekly newsletter about work and hacking life as a solopreneur. He teaches people about Strategy Consulting at Strategy U, his online course. He's probably best known for making friends on the internet and hosting hundreds of curiosity conversations, where you can go on his website and set up a one on one chat with him about whatever is on your mind. Paul has a lot of very interesting ideas on his mind!
In this episode, we dive into his early career as a consultant at McKinsey and BCG, and what he learned that helped him break away from the default path to the boundless path he now finds himself on. If you're stuck in a job you're unhappy with, or you're curious about the solo path for founders and creators, Paul is an excellent case study in how to think and go about exploring that part.
Please enjoy my conversation with Paul Millerd.
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