Ep 43: Part 2 Age Gap MMF Threesome with a Police Officer, Exhibitionism Car Sex, Spanking NSFW with Mild BDSM


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Ep 43: Part 2 Age Gap MMF Threesome with a Police Officer, Exhibitionism Car Sex, Spanking NSFW with Mild BDSM...Mikayla and her man just ate dinner and find a parking lot to have some car sex in (see Part 1 of this story in Episode 42). A police officer comes to check on them, shining a flashlight in their SUV to check on things. They talk and find out he's sex-starved and hasn't enjoyed being with a woman for a long time. Since they love to swing, and love multiple partner sexual adventures, they invite him to join them. Mikayla is so turned on by the older police officer, his authority, his unsatisfied lust, not to mention the handcuffs handing off his belt. She wants his hands on her body and her bottom. She delves into the role of daughter for some Daddy/daughter role play with him as she does something naughty to get his spanks... he says, "Unless being naughty turns your crank before a spank." Umm... "Yes, Mr. Officer, it does," Mikayla says with a naughty grin. They fall fully into the sexual satisfaction they all are seeking. Listen to their story and enjoy!
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This is a fictional story/NSFW smut. Any similarities to people or situations are purely coincidental. This is adult entertainment, adults only.
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