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In today's episode Adrian Lawrence talks about the Digital marketing directors that are available from FD Capital Recruitment, we are a leading London based senior finance boutique specialising in FDs and CFO's working as a network. Within our team are highly skilled Search Marketing professionals who have run their own online businesses and now are available as Finance Directors and Directors of Digital Marketing.

It is an ideal situation for SME's to access both top level Search Marketing and SEO knowledge but to get an experienced Finance Director at the same time. As an example one of our clients in the West Midlands has one of our team working with them as an FD two days per week, and the same person is their Digital Director another two days per week, they are a B2B company that has set up a separate B2C arm and is now moving to sell its product direct to consumer.

To learn more about FD Capital and how we can find the perfect SEO professional to support your business visit our website at or call our main number on 020 3287 9501.

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