I've had three failed euploid FETs. When is a natural FET is indicated? (Ask the Egg Whisperer)


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Recently, Bree from Oregon wrote in to Ask The Egg Whisperer. She asked if I'd talk about when a natural FET is indicated, as she has had three failed euploid FETs, and would like to increase her chances of pregnancy with her remaining 6 embryos. Here's her question, "Hi Dr. Aimee, thanks for all you do! Can you talk about when a natural FET is indicated?

I've had three failed euploid FETs with an ERA and increasing medication intervention each cycle. My RE has suggested trying a natural FET since I was able to get pregnant on a letrozole IUI in 2019 (but miscarried just before 10 weeks). What are the pros/cons of natural, and would you agree with this approach next?

I have 6 embryos left and if I cannot get pregnant, my wife would go next, but she really doesn't want to carry and I desperately do. Thanks for your thoughts!"

Tune in to hear my answer to Bree's question, and to 9 others.

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