Episode 237: The Magic of Thinking BIGGER in Your Business


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When it comes to creating more of an impact, your thinking plays a HUGE ROLE over your destiny. Small goals lead to small steps forward. But big goals lead to accelerated growth.

In Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 237, discover how thinking bigger can align you with “magical outcomes” that you can’t plan for! Big, bold goals might feel scary when you set them but they are worth it when you find yourself leap-frogging ahead of your competitor.

Listen in as I get personal and share what happens when setting bigger goals for myself (and how to evaluate if it's time for you to start taking bigger risks and playing a bigger game in your business too.)

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Key Takeaways
  • How your attitude determines your altitude.
  • When to stick to small steps versus taking big leaps
  • Why you should focus on a BIG vision that you have no idea how to reach
  • What happens in your brain and neuro pathways when you think
  • The reasons why you might be holding yourself back (and not even realize you are in the way)
  • The most important outcome you can reach by setting scary big goals (and it's NOT about reaching them!)

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