Mental Health Part 3: Rhythms of Rest & Renewal with Renee Fouts


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“As we grow in our spiritual health we understand more of his love for us and his kindness for us and then somehow embrace kindness for ourselves. It’s so easy for us as women to be kind to others but it’s difficult to be kind to ourselves.” -Renee Fouts

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Spiritual health and rest
  • How our emotions signal a personal need we’ve been ignoring
  • Practicing kindness with yourself
  • Scheduling rest and margin
  • Self narrative- how do we talk about ourselves?
  • Sabbath expectations
  • Changing your lifestyle to be in step with the Holy Spirit
  • Holy Subtraction- what can we remove from our lives that leaves room for the Holy Spirit?
  • How margin allows for a peaceful start to the week
  • “Jesus was relaxed”

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