Navigating your Hormones and Optimizing your Health with Hormone Health Expert, Kim Schaper


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Are your hormones out of whack? In this episode, our hosts Brian and Lindsey are excited to chat with Health and Hormone Expert, Kim Schaper. Kim shares her personal experience developing an eating disorder and going from health and fitness being a toxic obsession, to a way she honors and listens to her body. As you listen to this episode, Kim also shares a list of symptoms that could point to you having a hormone imbalance. Luckily, she also shares some simple and actionable tips you can implement into your life today and work towards healing! From physical to mental health, this episode covers it all and will help you walk away feeling empowered to give yourself more grace, live intentionally, and take action towards conquering your day!

02:00 What has your journey looked like that has led you to become a Health and Hormones Expert?

06:40 The lifestyle that led to developing an eating disorder.

10:00 When did it become obvious that fitness was toxic for you?

15:00 Are you creating a health and fitness regimen that you dread?

16:30 The difference between dread and discomfort.

18:40 How to find fulfillment in the journey rather than the destination.

21:30 How did you find a place where fitness was mentally healthy again?

23:30 Way’s Kim grounds herself with the 5 senses.

27:45 What are your favorite problems to solve with your clients?

29:40 How does stress really affect the body?

34:00 Other than high cortisol, what are the other top hormone imbalances to watch out for?

36:20 These symptoms can be key indicators that you have a hormone imbalance!

37:45 Where do you start when working towards physical, hormonal, and mental health?

40:40 How to give yourself grace as you are working towards health goals.

44:00 What advice would you give for how to approach a weight loss goal?

48:00 One Book that changed Kim’s life.

48:30 Kim’s ideal day!

49:00 What is required for you to conquer your day?

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