Behind the Scenes with the Product Manager of Methods Machine Tools


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In this week’s episode of MakingChips, hosts Jim Carr and Nick Goellner talk with Nick St.Cyr, a Product Manager at Methods Machine Tools, about his history in the manufacturing industry, the role of a product manager, and the importance of establishing a vision of the future for your company.


  • 0:11 | Jim mentions his experience with Amper Technologies machine monitoring systems through their pilot program
  • 2:12 | Nick G. and Jim discuss CARR Machine & Tool’s move to their new, upgraded facility
  • 3:40 | Nick G. talks about the current state of the manufacturing industry supply chain and reasons for the disruptions
  • 7:30 | Jim introduces special guest Nick St.Cyr, a Product Manager at Methods Machine Tools, where he oversees the design, sales, support, and integration of MMT machine tools
  • 9:45 | Nick S. shares his background and history in the manufacturing industry, and talks about his current position and responsibilities at Methods Machine Tools
  • 17:14 | Jim talks about it’s important for machine shops to have a vision of the future
  • 18:22 | Nick G. mentions how he sees ProShop ERP being used in shops across the country when he travels
  • 19:22 | Jim explains the progression of his shop towards the established vision
  • 21:40 | Nick S. discusses the expansion of the Methods facilities as they’ve grown
  • 24:25 | Jim asks Nick S. about how Methods is preparing for the industry in the near future
  • 26:30 | Nick G. asks how Methods is able to offer such quick, custom machine orders
  • 30:38 | Nick S. talks about the change in the relationship between the product manager and the customer
  • 33:52 | Nick S. shares his thoughts on automation’s role in the future of manufacturing
  • 38:01 | Nick S. mentions taking a focused look at current products to create a roadmap for the future product lines and features

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