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Welcome to THIS WEEK IN MARKETING, another podcast by Metigy.

This series will aim to bring to light concepts and answer specific marketing and business questions in a short and sharp format. All in the hopes of helping you market your small to medium enterprise better. On this episode we'll be addressing this query:

Dear Metigy,

I’ve created my podcast for my brand but now I’m stuck and I don’t know how to promote it or what I should be doing to make sure my ideal listeners find it. Can you help me with the next steps so the work I’ve created so far doesn’t go to waste? My budget is pretty small so ideally, I would like to promote my podcast for free.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Understanding the podcast ecosystem’s search algorithms
  • How to repurpose social media content from one podcast episode
  • How to increase content visibility through collaboration and relationships


  • “The goal is to be so good that people share your episode organically and the algorithms don’t … even … matter!”
  • “Most people are using some form of social media or email. Since their attention is there – this is a great place to raise visibility and general awareness around your podcast.”
  • “There is no magic bullet to getting more listens on your podcast… But if you can address as many angles and touchpoints around your potential listeners, you should start seeing a higher quality and quantity of listeners and engagement.”

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