Episode 64: Patty Korn, Superhero and Lincoln County's Beautification Leader, 08/02/21


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Our guest for Episode 64 is Patty Korn, a Denver local, a valuable asset to the Lincoln County Community, and an all-around selfless, fantastic person. If you've driven around Denver, you've most likely seen her; she's on the side of the road or on a median, dressed in safety gear from head to toe, picking up the trash that people throw out their windows or that blows off vehicles. And does it for free.
You'll love hearing Patty's story of how she got from Illinois to Denver, of spending 20 years in the Air Force, of working in corporate after her years of Air Force service, of retiring to care for her elderly parents, and of deciding to make her community beautiful. She just gives. And she works really hard. You'll find her on roadsides, waterways, and medians--wherever she sees the need. You'll also find her at County Commissioners meetings and at the Sheriff Department, asking for their help and building relationships that result in willing cooperation with her and her mission.
Patty is President of Keep Lincoln County Beautiful, and she has tremendous support from Hessed House of Hope (to clean the railways), DABA (Denver Area Business Association), LKN Realty, and ELBA (East Lincoln Betterment Association), in addition to some loyal friends who volunteer to pick up trash on roadways and medians with her and to drive boats to clean up waterways. She's always looking for volunteers. She advises against small children helping with the roadway cleanups because "it's gross and it's dangerous" -- but she welcomes everyone else.
Patty spends a lot of her own money on her mission. Her safety gear was donated to her, and the Department of Transportation donates official roadside cleanup bags. But she buys the black trash bags, the litter pick-up tools, push brooms, shovels, and "lots of Gatorade." She has a GoFundMe called Litter Free Denver NC. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. You can also donate to Keep Lincoln County Beautiful, which The LKN Experience podcast is supporting for the month of August. Let's show our appreciation to this Beautification Warrior and fill her coffers so she can focus on doing what she loves--making Lincoln County beautiful!
You can connect with Patty for more information and you can donate to help at:

Litter Free Denver NC GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ncaqr-litterfree-denver-nc
Keep Lincoln County Beautiful: https://www.klcbnc.org/
Patty's email: pattykornpjk@aol.com

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