39 - SPIRITUAL HEALING & SHAMANISM with Shaman and Author Alyson Charles


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Alyson acts as a pure conduit and instrument to receive "messages" and in this episode she talks with Jill about our pain body, doing shadow work, and liberating ourselves from shame. We are not here on Earth to suffer, but suffering is often a precursor for a more aligned and purposeful life. Some of the greatest lessons are learned during the toughest of times. What may feel like a burden now may be seen as a blessing down the road. Dive deep within and do the inner work, free yourself from triggers and unhealthy relationships, and trade it in for an uplifting relationship, starting with yourself.

Episode Timestamps:

2:22 What is shamanism?

5:30 What is ‘shadow work’ and how can we confront it?

7:55 Dealing with behaviors and patterns that aren’t serving our highest good

9:45 Managing our personal “pain bodies.”


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