288-Believing in Yourself More Than Diet Culture


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Diet culture beliefs do not support your amazingness, your goodness and your brilliance.

Diet Culture has been manufactured in order to create self-doubt in women, feeling of victimhood, distrust of self and disempowerment.

In order to believe in yourself and the possibilities that can be present for you in your life, you need to have beliefs that support this amazingness, goodness that is in you now. And these beliefs aren’t shared by Diet Culture.

How do we get to believe in ourselves more than diet culture? That’s what we are going to explore in this episode of our podcast.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • The diet culture beliefs that stop you from believing in yourself
  • The process of deepening your self-beliefs
  • Believing it’s possible for you to change
  • 10 non-diet culture beliefs that can transform your life
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