308 - My Depressive Episode (Part 4): Our Pastors Walked With Us & the Mental Institution


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Here's to friends and hope. Joey and Pricilla reflect on Joey’s mental health crisis of 2019 with their pastors and friends, Josh and Lisa Surratt; these two who were in their corner, up close and personal like very few were. Josh and Lisa reflect on the sense of urgency they felt in prioritizing Joey’s health and as their leaders, doing whatever was in their power to keep him safe.
During this time Joey’s brain wasn’t processing thoughts in a healthy manner (major understatement). Fear of losing his job equated in fear of losing the house. The Surratts are the leaders of the church Joey is employed at so he [Josh] fielded a lot of Joey’s irrational questions pertaining to these fears. Lisa, a seasoned healthcare professional, wanted Joey to admit himself into the hospital right away. Joey eventually ended up there for a week, and he shares what that time looked and felt like.

Brian McLaren also joins to converse with Joey who shares the role Brian played in his eventual full recovery.

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