S2#4 Sakshi Jawa, Former Chief People Officer, Tiki


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Sakshi Jawa was the General Manager of Human Resources at Tiki Corporation- “The best working environment in Asia” nominated by HR Asia and currently has been a CEO and Founder at startup company - Oi. She is the one behind Tiki’s recent phenomenal expansion in employment. With years of experience working for major global companies such as Amazon, Citibank, and Prudential, Sakshi Jawa shares with us how to build a corporate culture in the field of technology and e-commerce. From her perspective, innovation stems from the smallest things and HR management experts are those who have extensive knowledge in a variety of areas.
Tune in to this podcast episode with host Daan van Rossum - CEO Dreamplex to find out the reason why Sakshi decided to work for Tiki and her valuable experiences on the journey bringing professional opportunities to talents around the world.
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