The Counter: An NFL Podcast by For The Win - Week 1: What did we really learn?


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Week 1: What did we really learn?


-- The Falcons are very bad

-- It's time, Bears: Play Justin Fields

-- The Giants are headed for ruin

-- Chandler Jones was unstoppableAround the NFL

-- Are we worried about the Ravens?

-- Both the Chiefs and the Browns looked very legit

-- So, wait: Jameis Winston is careful and efficient now?

-- Mac Jones looked good. Zach Wilson looked valiant but overwhelmed. Trevor Lawrence didn't get enough help. Trey Lance has the *one* coach who can get away with a 2-QB system.

-- The Steelers beat the Bills using a perfect Mike Tomlin gameplan

-- Russ is still Russ. Wentz is still Wentz. That's good for Seattle. And very bad for Indy.

-- Justin Herbert is ridiculous

-- Dak really is back

Closing thoughts

-- Which team's Week 1 performance was a fluke?

-- Which team showed in Week 1 that it won't live up to the hype?

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