Season 21/22 - Far From Vesuvius - Episode 4 - Europa League Special - Frenemies: Leicester City w/ Nathan Leo Of The 50 Star Foxes - Getting To Know Group C


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In this special episode, Raffa sits down with his new "Frenemy" Nate of the American based Leicester City group, The 50 Star Foxes. A great chat with a guy who, as it turns out, is close buds with a member of our beloved Napoli Twitter, @EastBayNapoli and e learn they have a special wager on the ouycome of the two group stage matches. Find out more about that, what he feels LCFC will do this season, and how he feels about the moves in the transfer market.

Also, we discuss some news and projections of Napoli heading into the "FOX HOLE" that is King Power Stadium Thursday, September 16th, and we also get to know our other Group C opponents, Spartak Moscow and Legia Warsaw.

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