Episode 25: Dr. Rick Kirschner - Medical Freedom, Writing and Speaking for a Living


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In this episode I interview Dr. Rick Kirschner. Dr. Rick Kirschner is a retired professional speaker, business skills educator, personal and executive coach, film-maker, blogger, and an internationally bestselling author.

As founder of Art Of Change LLC, he delivered motivational speeches and training programs on The Art of Change Skills for Life™ nationally and internationally, to some of the best known organizations in the world, including the FDA, the Federal Reserve, NASA, Nationwide Insurance, Starbucks, Texas Instruments, and Toyota. He delivered his ideas and advice on communication, persuasion and conflict resolution through hundreds of radio and television appearances, newspaper and magazine articles and interviews, from CNBC to CBC to FOX to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, London Times, Executive Excellence and Readers Digest.

From 1980 to 1986, he delivered training programs on communication from Los Angeles to Seattle. In 1987, he was one of only 15 speakers chosen by the Tom Peters Group to present the revolutionary In Search of Excellence and Thriving On Chaos training programs to businesses and organizations around the globe. His coauthored audio program "Dealing with Difficult People" was on Columbia House's all time top ten best seller list.

In 1994 he and Dr. Rick Brinkman co-authored the McGraw Hill international bestselling book, Dealing With People You Can't Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst. It has been translated into 27 languages and was updated and re-released as a second edition in 2002, a third revised edition in 2012. The MacMillan audiobook version was released in 2010, and an enhanced iTunes audiobook version was released in 2011 . In 1998 he co-authored the McGraw-Hill book, Life by Design, Making Wise Choices, which is available in three languages. In 2002 McGraw-Hill released the third book by the team of Brinkman & Kirschner, Dealing With Relatives: Bringing Out the Best in Family at Their Worst. Their last book together, Love Thy Customer, was selected as McGraw Hill’s business book of the year 2006.

In 2007, Dr. Kirschner authored the comprehensive ‘Insider’s Guide to the Art of Persuasion,’ consisting of two books, the Guidebook and the Playbook, along with a 32 track audio program on the topic. He is the author or co-author of eleven audio and video programs on customer service, communication and life management. His last book, 'How To Click With People: Building the Personal Side of Business,' was published in June 2011 by Hyperion Books. In 2015, he wrote and produced a documentary film, ‘How Healthcare Became Sickcare: The True History of Medicine.

Dr. Kirschner was an Oregon licensed Naturopathic Physician from 1981 until he retired his license in 2019. His daughter runs the company he founded. He served as President of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute in 2020. He lives in the panhandle of Northern Idaho with his wife of 31 years, along with his one eyed cat and 4 chickens.
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