SEX TALK: the secrets behind having great sex, improving sexual health, and finding comfort in your body with Sex and Intimacy Expert, Christin Henke


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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • More about the world of sex, sexuality, and sexual health
  • How to embrace, explore, and express your sexuality safely
  • Why you should become aware of any internalized sexual trauma (feelings of shame, guilt, judgment, etc.) and how to confront it
  • How to enjoy sex, even if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy with your body

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Show Notes:

Time to leave your inner prude at the door! Dropping in as our incredible guest for this episode is sex and intimacy coach, Christin Henke! We’re starting by breaking down the taboo and outdated beliefs that surround sex, so that you can start cultivating healthy sexual habits for you and your partner. Then we get into the real nitty gritty: What should sex actually look like? How can we enjoy sex even if we are struggling with our body image? Why is sex important as a facet of our lives? Today is all about you and your pleasure - so sit down, strap in, and start getting the most out of your sexual experiences!

01:05 Meet special guest, Christin Henke, sex and intimacy coach!

02:20 How did you get into this line of work?

05:25 What are some of the facets that go into your work?

08:20 How should those who feel uncomfortable or uncertain about the topic of sex approach it?

11:30 What are typical outdated beliefs surrounding sex?

14:15 The value of being in tune with your sexuality.

16:15 What are some fears people have concerning sex and their sexuality?

21:05 How desire and seeking validation connect to sex.

24:20 How do we approach internalized sexual trauma?

29:15 How can we become aware of any sexual trauma we might have?

32:15 Why should we confront trauma, and can we move forward if we don’t?

37:40 What should people look for when reaching out for support in this area?

41:45 How has porn hurt the way we view sex?

45:30 How to enjoy sex even if you feel uncomfortable with your body.

49:15 Being present in your body.

53:35 What is your favorite book of all time?

54:50 What do you need to conquer your day?

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