Episode 285: Ridin Durty Radio feat.Female Artist Shennay Hampton


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Shennay Hampton, formally known as “She’ “, was born February 7th in San Jose California. Influenced by her mother, Lorraine Hampton, a gospel singer who released an album in 1972 entitled, “Sacred Soul Singers” (along with other members of the family), Shennay naturally picked up on mimicking her mother only later to establish her own soulful sound.
Shennay has also been heavily involved with R&B and Rap genre since her teenage years working with local Bay Area artists such as Khalid Annur, J-Loc (Aggravated Assault), Angel (brother of Def Jam recording artists Christion’) and many more. Shennay sings, acts, writes poetry, novels and produces music for developing artists to help them to hone their talents. Shennay has also performed at many venues such as Zazoos’ nightclub at Jack London Square in Oakland, Iguanas in San Jose, CA and The Black Repertory Theatre in Berkeley. She has also been involved in several stage plays such as “Sparkle” (the first production ever as a stage play of the 70’s movie starring Irene Cara) and “I Can’t Keep a Good Man, Why?” In which she took the stage by storm singing a rendition of Black Oak Arkansas’s, “Jim Dandy” and as well performed a song from her debut album “Rain On My Shine” called “Won’t Get My Love.”
Everyone that has heard her sing or perform has requested more music which is why she is finally pushing towards her lifelong destiny….to sing! Often compared to artists such as Mary J Blidge and Jill Scott she is prepared and ready to take her music a step forward. Shennay has been traveling city to city trying to promote her upcoming debut album and has plans to expand nationwide and as well globally. Her songs promote love and just being yourself as she quotes in her song, ” Rain On My Shine,” It’s so extraordinary somewhat of a miracle, how the heart endures so much to let go of the love and the pain, I made a promise to myself that I’d never let another Rain on My Shine.” She represents what every man and woman truly desires which is real love and letting go of all the things that promote self hate. Her album "Rain On My Shine" will be available as a re-release in all stores January 10th 2021 and she is also releasing a new album entitled "Love Conscious" set to hit stores March 15th 2021.

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