88. STEAM Students: How Can They Bring More Value To Businesses with Tiago Cunha Reis


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Recently we’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with Tiago Cunha Reis, founder and CEO of Mater Dynamics. Tiago’s expertise relies on Microelectronics and Data science, with a specialization in Natural User Interfaces. Tiago loves to merge deep tech and business opportunities. Whether researching in the lab or reading the most recent advances in Electronics and Computer Science, he strives to simplify complex architectures into feasible and business-friendly solutions. If you find whales in the ocean, you will also probably find Tiago on the floor of a warehouse with his laptop deploying Mater Dynamic’s solutions (he often says ‘It’s my natural environment’). Main topics covered: 🌱 At what age does the curiosity appear 🤓 Personal development to deliver more value to the world 🛠️ How to analyse data while we’re sleeping 🚀 How should companies embrace STEAM students [6:30] Starting at 8 years old his electrochemistry curiosity [11:28] How to build productive brains [12:23] At 25 years old you start working your personality [13:42] Work experience between finishing a Master and taking a PhD [15:30] Personal development to deliver more value to others [16:26] PhD vs MBA? Set your skills and find your tutors to improve [18:33] "I would do my PhD in the age 45 maybe" [19:00] Data Science course at Nova Business School [21:28] Understand the data to achieve better results “I designed this course, where you actually see what is Computer Science (...) background of the student as real cases” [23:30] New course of Data Science, together with Lusófona University and Mater Dynamics How to apply: send Tiago Cunha mp [25:00] Who is this course designed for? To whom would you recommend it? [27:00] Course mission: How to analyse data while I’m sleeping [30:00] Work in a project that means something for the society [32:36] where to find business opportunities [34:07] Behind the scenes: Work with clients to solve their problem “I really like to say that we are like Intel, nobody knows it, but everybody buys it.” [36:10] Small companies that live longer “Everybody wants to be like a unicorn but not everybody wants to be Mater Dynamics” [38:44] STEAM talent for the future of work [46:10] Education system: new ways to work with kids should be considered [48:50] How should companies embrace students [53:32] Digital transformation and resilience [56:43] The impact of blockchain and 5G Technology in companies [1:00:58] Book recommendations Mentioned on this podcast: 👨‍💻 Tiago's Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiagocunhareis/ 📒 Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari (understanding what/why we turn out as a species, is the first step to understand current society) 📒 Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins (a living proof /harsh, unapologetically proof how accountability can transform you) 📒 Elementary Math for Computer Science with Python, Eric Bennet (start here, start easy) ​-- PRODUCTION This podcast was hosted by me, André Marquet. Produced by Teresa Segismundo, with research by Katarzyna Chryczyk and sound editing by Miguel Sousa. The Productized Podcast is produced by Productized - a series of interviews with product innovators, successful makers, and entrepreneurs. We hope those who listen to the ideas on this show are inspired to productize. For show notes and additional resources related to the Productized Podcast visit medium.com/@Productized.

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