Episode 3: Strangers in a Strange Town


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The saga continues in this special double episode, as the Jade Frogs arrive in Tuskan and explore the coastal city that Feste once called home. The revolution they helped inspire 97 years ago seems to have been a success, but at what cost? A strangely familiar statue in the town square seems to suggest that, in order to get any answers, the Frogs will need to first rise up and prove who they really are. Also featured: Kalark goes fishing; a local blacksmith shares his passion project; Dain provokes Seruba and clashes with Juno over his 'evil ring'; and the Frogs meet a strange new ally who vaguely resembles Danny DeVito. CAST: Robbie Grant as KALARK; Daniel Fishbayn as FESTE; Andrew Luba as JUNO; Abe Herst as DAIN; introducing Ben Mayer-Goodman as GRUMSKILL; Simon Foster as DUNGEON MASTER Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more episodes and RATE US on Apple Podcasts if you like what you're hearing!

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