Episode 1: The Dark Waters of Bogbottom


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WELCOME to the very FIRST ever episode of The Chronicles of Kura: A D&D Playalong Podcast!

Listen in as the legendary Jade Frogs begin the newest chapter of their years-long journey to save Kura. Of course, no round of D&D is complete without dad jokes, in-game hijinks, and crunchy snacks. Expect a LOT more of those in episodes to come.


Our journey so far...

For many moons, The Jade Frogs journeyed far and wide throughout the land of Kura and had many great adventures. They discovered and reinstated the dwarven mines within the Wave Echo Cavern, slew the fearsome dragon Venom-Fang, and incited a people's revolution in the port city of Luskan, just to name a few of their accomplishments.

Whispers then told them of a sickness at the very heart of Kura itself--the cause for the rampant famine and drought plaguing their homeland.

At a moment's notice, they set out via airship to Mount Kura, that most forbidden of places where the Gods were said to reside. There, deep within the earth's core, they discovered nothing less than interdimensional warriors determined to spread darkness from their plane of existence to ours.

Against all odds, our heroes managed to hold these forces of darkness at bay and escape with their lives. But as the warriors declared to the Jade Frogs before vanishing into a planar portal, "This is just the beginning." Carried upon rafts, our heroes escaped on the outflow of Mount Kura straight to the murky waters of the Duskmire. Here, they had a chance encounter with their old friend Umji, who gravely informed them that 97 years had passed since they had departed on their airship.

Indeed, with the portal open, it seems the Gods have lost their grip over....

(Cue an epic orchestral flourish.)

As our story begins, the Jade Frogs stand weary and bedraggled in the soggy marshes of the Duskmire. Will they escape the dark forest and reach Feste's hometown of Luskan, now known as Tuskan? What good or evil will they find there? Will they learn more of these interdimensional warriors on their quest to save Kura, or are they already too late? Moreover, after 97 years, the Jade Frogs fear the worst when it comes to their loved ones. But just how far have the Sands of Time slipped?

Dain: Abe Herst

Feste: Daniel Fishbayn

Juno: Andrew Luba

Kalark: Robbie Grant

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