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British citizen, Nick Dunn is a former British Army Parachute Regiment soldier who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. After leaving Her Majesty’s Forces, he continued to work in security. In October 2013, Nick was working as an armed security guard onboard the MV Seaman Guard Ohio alongside another 5 Brits who were also former British Army. Their mission was to protect the vessel from Somali pirates. A week later, Nick, the other guards and the crew were all arrested by the Indian coast guard and they were wrongfully imprisoned in India for 4 years. Nick and these other 5 Brits were collectively known as the Chennai 6.

This week’s episode is the final part of our three-part interview with Nick Dunn himself. Many people have heard Nick’s story up to the point he came back home to the UK and was reunited with his family. Unfortunately, that’s when Nick’s real struggle began. Nick speaks to us about the consequences of ignoring his post-traumatic stress and gives us advice on mental health based on his own experience. We also discuss the support that Nick and the rest of the Chennai 6 received from the British government, journalists and the public.
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