Transforming Public Access to Government Data with Leila Banijamali of Symbium (Part 2)


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Zachary is again joined by Leila Banijamali, CEO and Co-Founder of Symbium, a California-based company that uses Complaw® to help make sense of complex zoning codes and regulations.
Symbium’s applications make the zoning and planning regulations that shape our cities and towns easy to navigate, empowering anyone to quickly assess what's possible on a piece of property or across a jurisdiction.
Highlights of their discussion include:

  • A review of computational law (Complaw®) and how it empowers the public to take control of complex government property data.
  • Recent legislative responses to the California housing crisis, including ADU regulations and SB 9 which allows the re-zoning of single-family lots.
  • Leila's vision for the future of Symbium and CompLaw technology, with applications to insurance, financial services, and legal services.

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