Bisexual Brunch - Should we check our privilege? How much bi-erasure exists in the gay world? Google forgets the B, a bi journey story from Barcelona and dating a different gender for the first time


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History in the making! This is the UK's first regular mainstream show for bisexuals. Hosted by bi activist and writer Lewis Oakley and bisexual journalists Nichi Hodgson and Ashley Byrne, Bisexual Brunch is a unique podcast for people from all over the world who identify as bi to come together and celebrate their sexuality. Bisexual Brunch along with Nichi, Ashley and Lewis were recently included in the UK Pride Power List while MIM, the production company behind Bisexual Brunch have also been named UK Production Company of the Year (Silver winner) 2021.
In this edition Nichi, Ashley and Lewis discuss writer Julie Burchill's recent outburst in which she said she didn't see bi people as a persecuted minority and the team discuss Google forgetting the B in their glossary of LGBT terms. There's some warm words for Zoe Ball's bi son Woody, discussion around the notion of 'bi privilege' and research into the amount of bi-erasure in the lesbian and gay world. There's a bi journey story from Barcelona and a tough question to answer in the latest 'Ask a Bisexual' feature.
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