S2E12: Dr. Gavriel Schneider - How to stay safe and avoid violence


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Today I am joined by Dr. Gavriel Schneider, an acknowledged business leader, author and specialist in the field of human based risk management and the psychology of risk. He is the creator of the Presilience® approach and is a serial entrepreneur who has been running his own businesses since 2001. Dr. Gavriel is also the CEO of the Risk2Solution Group which is a group of risk consultants and advisors, security, safety, medical and emergency response companies that focus on innovative integration and consolidation solutions. "Can I see your hands", the second book of Dr. Gavriel was nominated for ASIS book of the year in 2018!
He also holds a 7th dan black belt in Gendai Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga and is the current Head of System for Gendai Ryu and the Modern Warrior Alliance, former head of DSJJ/Hisardut for the Asia Pacific Region. Dr. Gavriel is also Chief instructor Gendai Krav Maga and Jujitsu Brisbane with affiliate schools in Perth and 3 locations in South Africa and has almost 40 years of training experience and dver 25 years of running martial arts schools and teaching. He has presented self-defence, defensive tactics and unarmed combat training to Military and Police Special Forces, Presidential and Royalty Protection units, Bodyguards and 100s of security operators.

You can buy Dr. Gavriel`s book here: https://www.amazon.com/Can-See-your-Hands-Situational/dp/1627341846 and learn more about Risk2Solution Group here: https://risk2solution.com/

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