Bisexual Brunch - Navigating open relationships as a new book is launched, a bisexual journey story from Bridget who is bi and poly plus what would make the perfect bi dating show? And Lewis has a surprise lined up for us for the end of the show!


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History in the making! This is the UK's first regular mainstream show for bisexuals. Hosted by bi activist and writer Lewis Oakley and bisexual journalists Nichi Hodgson and Ashley Byrne, Bisexual Brunch is a unique podcast for people from all over the world who identify as bi to come together and celebrate their sexuality. Bisexual Brunch along with Nichi, Ashley and Lewis were recently included in the UK Pride Power List while MIM, the production company behind Bisexual Brunch have also been named UK Production Company of the Year (Silver winner).
It's the first Bisexual Brunch of 2022 and Ashley, Lewis and Nichi welcome a special guest as the gang talk about navigating open relationships. Journalist and writer Rachel Krantz joins us to chat about her new book 'Open'. Bridget from Michigan talks about how she's just come out to her husband for the first time as bi and poly! Listen out for news of a special bi-themed interview coming up with an icon of film. Mike asks the trio what would make the perfect bi dating show and listen to the very end for a little surprise from Lewis.

Bisexual Brunch is recorded in Manchester and London and is a MIM Production.

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