The Never-ending Leafs Road Trip and the Quest for Killer Instinct


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What better day for Leaf talk than a blustery snow day in January! It's an all out blizzard here in the heart of Leaf Land, but it would take a lot more than an epic snow storm to keep us from our favourite pastime—talkin’ Leafs! We are approaching the halfway point of the season and the Leafs are in 3rd spot in the Atlantic Division, with games in hand on both Tampa and Florida. The schedule has been pretty light and the Buds continue to be on what seems like a never-ending road trip!

In the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, William Nylander, Nick Ritchie and Petr Mrazek are a few players discussed, as we cover the highs and the lows.

With 3 games vs some stellar competition, we had lots of fun deciding on this show's LTL Highlight Reel moments. There has been a lot of goal scoring, which gave the Ladies a lot of options. Hint – one highlight reel moment involves a Leaf record 9-game goal scoring streak on the road!

To wrap we take a deeper dive into the idea of “Killer Instinct”. Who has it, who doesn’t, and can the organization develop it? We talk about Sheldon Keefe’s part in changing the team’s mentality. The Ladies also discuss how the Marlies are focusing on players developing a more complete game.

Lastly, we have a winner in our latest LTL Holiday Giveaway! This lucky listener is taking home $50 in Summer Fresh coupons and a copy of Damien Cox’s latest book, “A League of Our Own: The Story of the NHL’s First All Canadian Division”. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our partners for helping us spread some Holiday joy!

For a fan base that has been focused solely on the playoffs, this feels like the longest season in history! With half the season to go and a lot of uncertainty still ahead, we promise with a little patience we’ll get there. In the meantime, there’s no better time to hunker down, grab a hot beverage and talk Leafs! Go Leafs Go!

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