19. Midwifery Matters! - #Intentional coffee with Sarah-Jane Pedler and Gaynor Armstrong


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In today’s episode, I’m bringing together 2 people who are literally meeting for the 1st time.

A world-exclusive #IntentionalCoffee podcast! For those who are old enough, think Cilla Black …

My podcast guests have never previously seen each other or spoken in any way. But they share a passion for midwifery and I think they’re gonna ‘gerralong’.

Gaynor Armstrong, Director of Midwifery, UHCW in Coventry and Sarah-Jane Pedler, Lead Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA) in Cornwall will tell you why MIDWIFERY MATTERS.

Their passion for their chosen career/ vocation shines through. Why is being a midwife the BEST job in the world, even in these difficult times? No two days are the same. Every family, every birth is unique. Being there as mums & families welcome their new baby; being remembered for the rest of their lives. The SKY man says so! 😊
Lemon light bulbs 🍋💡🍋

  • #IntentionalCoffees are fun & bring great people together!
  • These are not unprecedented times – Charles Dickens’ wisdom puts the pandemic in context!
  • #MatExp IS a movement for midwifery – let’s tell the international Federation of midwives!
  • There are different ways into midwifery – second careers are possible!
  • #NoHierarchyJustPeople - you can influence change at any level
  • We need culture change and sustainability
  • Move away from a culture of stoicism - NHS staff shouldn’t be expected to grind themselves into the ground
  • Harness cross-generational learning – a mix of fresh eyes & the wisdom from long experience.
  • Midwives have opportunities to stay fresh – to try out new directions
  • Stay in touch with your WHY, your purpose
  • Top tips to stay positive & energised – find your tribe! We are stronger together.
  • The pandemic has been tough for all – let’s support each other. Not us and them between staff & ‘service users’
  • Shine a light like Florence Nightingale but look after yourself & colleagues too.
  • Coping with pressure - we all need headspace
  • Ask “how are you?” – listen to the answer
  • Communication includes involving people – let them help with the solutions
  • Collaboration is key
  • Coproduction is strong – Whose Shoes is ‘brilliant!’
  • Change can be difficult – even when the change is good
  • Unlock new knowledge through ‘lemon lightbulbs’!
  • The new Fab NHS Stuff #MatExp campaign page offers a fantastic way to share all the good stuff – let’s use it!!
  • No more reinventing the wheel!
  • Be generous too - SHARE!
  • Tap into individual passions
  • Teamwork is beautiful
  • It is rewarding to see others succeed
  • Cornwall is beautiful too!

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