Talkin' Leafs Goaltending, Special Teams, and Canadian Olympic Women's Hockey


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January felt like an odd month for the Maple Leafs and their fan base. No fans at Scotiabank Arena, only 1 Saturday night game at home, and like most NHL teams, the Leafs had to deal with Covid. We got through it and it’s going to be busier, and hopefully a lot more exciting in February!
It’s also the halfway point of the season for us, and the Leafs! We are in our first full, 82-game season covering the Leafs and we are loving it! In this episode we start off the show with our segment “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and we talk about the goaltending and where we think Petr Mrazek fits in with the team. We discuss the return of the real Mitch Marner and we have some advice for Islander fans! Tune in to find out what that is.
And we have a couple of firsts for the LTL Highlight Reel ! Two highlight reel moments from the same game, and a tie for our top Highlight from the past couple of weeks!
Lastly, in “The 3 rd Period”, we talk Olympic hockey--specifically the women’s game! Team Canada’s first game is February 3rd and we give our thoughts on the players to watch! Of course, the Olympics are more than hockey and we talk about some of the other events that we love to watch!
Enjoy the All Stars Leafs Nation! When you're done we'll see you on the other side and get you set for what's sure to be a hectic, and very exciting second half of the season. Go Leafs Go!
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