Episode 052 - Are you having these important conversations with your clients?


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Are you having effective conversations with your clients? To say that the Arizona real estate market has been evolving over the last few years would be an understatement. For agents, it’s a huge part of our job just keeping up with the trends and changes that are happening on a sometimes-weekly basis. If things are that difficult for those of us inside the business, how difficult must it be for our clients, who might be getting bad information to begin with?

It's our job to be experts in the real estate market and in turn to be having the necessary conversations with our clients about their best options moving forward. Our clients are coming to us with the hopes of getting into a new home that’s going to meet all their expectations, and sometimes this will be an easy task. But most of the time compromises will need to be met depending on their price, location, etc., and that is where we as their representatives can do the best service for them as real estate experts.

“I think that the business right now should change into conversations with your clients on helping them strategize and really understanding the long term.” – Steve

Anyone who is looking to get into a new home, whether it be through renting or buying, is investing in the market. The difference between the two right now is whether you’re investing in your own future through buying or helping to invest in somebody else’s future by renting. We’re in the business of helping people invest in their future, to help them create legacy and build wealth.

“A different way to look at it is if you had two different parties, one decided to wait (and rent) and one decided to buy, the person who decided buy has earned over $100,000 in equity in a year on that property and the other person is renting and continues to make somebody else that money.” – Bernie

When we best serve our clients, we do good by ourselves both professionally and personally. Having those conversations with our clients about what is in their best interests given how the market is behaving is the necessary step to being the best possible representative for our client’s future.

“If you can plant that seed and say, ‘This is what it would look like if we follow this plan. You want $5,000 A month in passive income? Well, here's the steps we need to take to get there, and here's how we're going to refinance it, here's how we're going to utilize it.’ There's so many variables to the plan, but those are the conversations that are going to bring you to the surface, and they're also going to create more referrals, more business because you didn't just go in for the sale.” – Steve

“It's so important not to underestimate our consumers today. Don't underestimate them, don't make assumptions about what they do and don't know, right? And really, truly try to understand what matters to them.” – Bernie

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