Ep. 118: What is UK Black Girl Makeup? With Uche Natori, Funmi Monet and more


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This week’s episode has been a while in the making and it all started with a voice note. My friend, beauty editor Ava Welsing-Kitcher, who recently moved to the US, told me how popular the UK Black Girl makeup look was becoming on TikTok and that I needed to take a look. A few hours later and I was hooked; not just on the makeup style itself, which we'll go into in this episode, but I loved the supportive comments shared between the US and UK creators.

The two key names that came up over and over again when I started researching the trend that's racked up 38million views on TikTok, were that of Uche Natori and Melachild. Both creators are based in the UK and have been called the originators of the look that's centred on a highlighted under-eye and seamless blending. I invited both of them onto the pod and I'm happy to say that Uche said yes and our ensuing conversation felt so refreshing and real. At no point did Uche take credit for anything; in fact she paid homage to the makeup artists of the '90s, to drag makeup techniques, makeup artists such as Makeup By Mario and Melachild herself and also commented that American women like makeup artist King Mali Magic are the ones who have long been influencing the trends.

Also in this episode, I speak with Funmi Monet, a Dallas, Texas-based creator and therapist, about why she thinks American women are falling in love with UK Black Girl makeup and there are also some clips from the inimitable Melachild and I share UK makeup artist @v

A note: When I commented on social media that I was putting the episode together and that Uche was part of it, someone sent a screenshot of a 'post and delete' that the UK version of The Shade Room had shared (The Shade Room is like the online black version of a gossip magazine you might find in a supermarket - I think that's the best way I can describe it). In it Uche had commented that the 'clean girl look is low key anti-black' and said black women need 'coverage and structure'. As she deleted it, I'm guessing she realised it was a bit off, because when we spoke, she was very detailed about why black women might prefer fuller coverage for reasons such as hyperpigmentation. I'm mentioning it here in case any listeners thought I wasn't aware. I'm definitely aware but I feel what Uche has to say in this episode has more importance than what she posted. If you disagree then my DMs are always open @beautymepodcast or you can email me at beautymepodcast@gmail.com.

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