BONUS EPISODE: May the Fourth Star Wars Special Edition


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In our longest episode yet, we chat with TWELVE guests from around the studio about that inescapable force in pop culture, Star Wars. We chat with people who love the series, others who love particular parts and even a few who don't get what all the fuss is about and are sick of all the nerdy references. Maclunkey! Yub-Nub! Ootini!
5:11 - Mike Glasswell chats about his love/hate relationship with Star Wars

33:15 - Ben Gilbert chats about the video games, the toys and being a fan of everything

49: 30 - Alan Parr & Dane Jacobs chat about the cartoons, the Ewok videos and the Holiday Special

1:06:56 - Aleksander Sakowski chats about the war in Star Wars and its limitations as science fiction

1:19:37 - Doug Mcfarlane and Tim Evans chat about Rian Johnson and celebrate The Last Jedi

1:34:10 - Diego Soriano chats about watching Star Wars for the first time 40 years after its release

1:45:17 - Alex Leighton & Ryan Cooper chat about Genndy Tartakovky's Clone Wars shorts

2:05:55 - Becky Kuek & Lannie Booton chat about not being fans of May the Fourth

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