PlayStation CEO Makes Dumbass Statements - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.13.22


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Tam and Tim talk about the Dead Space Remake release date, Jim Ryan's dumbass statements, a potential Silent Hill leak, and more!

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00:06:47 - Housekeeping

  • There’s a brilliant episode of a KFGC is live right now on Also someone called Lucy James joined the Gamescast crew to talk about their top 3 working game developers! Go yell at them and celebrate your own picks!
  • The Roper Report -

00:10:59 - Dead Space Remake Release Date Set For January 2023

00:17:45 - PlayStation Staff Reportedly Angry Over CEO's Abortion Rights Email That Discusses Cat Birthdays

00:28:34 - Sony Has Reportedly Registered A New PS5 Model

00:31:11 - Ads

00:33:20 - Alleged Silent Hill Screenshot Leak Gets Get Taken Down By Copyright Claim

00:42:56 - The Best-Selling Games And Consoles For April 2022 Revealed (US)

00:46:45 - Sega says it’s planning ‘multiple’ remakes, remasters and new games this year

00:51:07 - Out today

00:54:29 - You‘re Wrong

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