Kerry Barrett - Video Confidence Guru, Emmy® and Telly® Winning News Anchor


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Jason admits to Kerry that he is intimidated by her video skills, Kerry shares about her journey from being the scared person in the back of the room to being an Emmy winning news anchor in the New York Metro area and they talk about how not to look like you are at the kids table at Thanksgiving on virtual meetings.
"Thank your haters."
Kerry Barrett is an Emmy® Award-Winning Anchor who turned a paralyzing fear of public speaking into a multi-decade career in broadcast journalism for internationally renowned media institutions like NBC, ABC and Fox TV stations. Now she helps course creators, coaches, companies and individuals to break through mindset issues and cultivate their video X-factor, or what she calls Video IQ (VIQ).
Kerry is a dynamic, engaging and fun personality, but don’t be fooled, she also understands how to offer simple, tactical and practical tips that anyone can implement to get better at video. In fact, her mission in life is to show everyone just how powerful and easy video can be. Kerry’s notable accolades include a first-place award with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), an Emmy® Award in Breaking News, and an RTNDA Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence.

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