Aleks Sakowski chats about Compositing, Synthetic Intelligence and Sperminators


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Aleksander Sakowski phones in from Down Under (or slightly further up, for us) to explain why compositing animation is like a sandwhich. We chat about his futurist opus 'The Mecha Genesis', the incredible work he's made through his own production company and even such lofty ideas as the possibility of being able to look into the past (for example, recording a podcast discussing a project in the past tense which has since been released. Wow!) and he even shares how all of this was inspired by an episode of Home Improvement. *Tim Allen Confused Grunt Noise*
Check out for Aleks' latest work, behind the scenes magic and to get your copy of 'The Mecha Genesis'
Check out 'Godslap' 'Skynut' and more on Aleks' YouTube channel sakowski_studios
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